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Pay with Phone Services in Ogden, UT

Pay with Phone Services in Ogden, UT


Online payment services have begun outgrowing traditional point of sales transactions because of their simplicity and ease on the customer. Another growing trend, however, is mobile payment services which allows the customer multiple payment options using only their smartphone. There are many different types of mobile payment services that are offered and each is beneficial to different types of purchases. Some of the mobile payment services that are incredibly popular are:

  • Mobile Browser Payments – Mobile browser payments are similar to online payment processing services except on your smartphone’s web browser. Many websites have mobile friendly websites that allow you to search through the company’s products, pick out what you want to buy, and pay for it. These websites will often require the same information as online payment services but with the convenience of shopping anywhere your smartphone has service.
  • Mobile Credit Card Readers – Probably the most innovative piece of technology to go along with smartphones are mobile credit card readers. Typically the hardware needed for this type of mobile payment service is the card reader which attaches to the smartphone’s headphone jack and gives the software on the phone the ability to swipe and read credit cards. While most mobile payment services ease the burden of the customer, mobile credit card readers make mobile payments easier on the merchant.
  • Contactless Mobile Payments – Contactless mobile payments are one of the fastest and easiest forms of point of sales payments. All the customer has to do is wave their smartphone over a contactless credit card reader and the payment is processed. Near field communication readers are one of the newest technological advances in the contactless mobile payment industry and operates much the same way as bluetooth but requires a closer range for the payment to be processed.
  • Application Based Payments – If you have ever purchased a smartphone app using iTunes of Google Play, then you should feel familiar with in app purchases. Just like online payment processing services and mobile browser payment methods, you have to input your credit card information in order to purchase the company’s product. However, once the information is entered all you have to do is download the apps you would like or purchase the product using the app store.

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