Jan 6, 2016 / by cardpro


Payment Processing for Ecommerce Businesses

Since the late 1990’s, e-commerce businesses have been flourishing. Amazon.com, eBay, and many other online retailers have paved the path for other e-commerce businesses to follow suit. Now, it is even possible for a small local business to be operated entirely from the world wide web. One obstacle stands in the way for many businesses, […]

A Growing Trend: Restaurant’s Tableside POS Systems

You may have noticed a surprising trend in many restaurants across the country the past few years. They are switching over to a tableside point of sale (POS) system. While some customers were initially concerned about whether or not these systems would impact the quality of service, many have taken notice to the convenience they […]

How Gift Cards Can Improve Your Brand

A well-strategized gift card program can improve your sales as well as your brand. Many companies, both big and small, have gift card programs that have improved their business practices. If you are looking for a new way to boost your sales or improve the public perception of your company’s brand, choosing the right gift […]

Everything You Need to Know About EMV Cards

As technology has advanced, thieves have developed the ability to clone magnetic stripe credit cards. The intended card owner rarely knows of this theft and may not realize it until it’s too late. To combat this thievery, many of the big name credit card companies got together and developed the EMV smart credit card. While […]

Online Transactions: A Growing Service

The advent of the internet has made online transactions a popular purchase option. Companies like ebay and Amazon have built their reputations around online transactions and slowly many other commercial retailers followed suit. As one of the leading merchant processors, here at CardPRO Systems we understand the importance of online transaction processing, especially in the […]

The Importance of Credit Card Processing

In the past few decades, credit cards have quickly become the payment method of choice for many customers. Credit card payments are quick and easy, which makes them a popular form of payment. Accepting credit cards can also be beneficial to a business because it allows you to accept more payments much quicker than would […]

Mobile Wallets: Facts for Business Owners

In recent years, the ever-progressing world of technology has introduced mobile wallets to business owners and consumers alike. With nearly everything we need for daily tasks at the palm of our hands, we now have little use for our wallets. The mobile wallet gives consumers a place to store credit and debit card information, while […]

Understanding PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) is governed by a security council that ensures any business in the PCI maintains a secure environment for cardholders. While the PCI council develops the standards that merchants must closely follow, it is the payment brands that enforce PCI compliance. These standards are applied to any merchant or business that […]

Merchant Processing Explained

You’ve seen our website and explored our services, but you may not be aware of everything you should know when it comes to merchant processing. Fortunately, CardPRO Systems is here to fill you in. Who We Are We are a credit card processing company, providing any business with the processing solutions you need to make […]