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Visa and MasterCard Merchant Services | Ogden, UT

Visa and MasterCard Merchant Services


Visa and MasterCard are two of the largest credit card companies in America. Since the majority of credit and debit cards are either Visa or MasterCard, it is important for merchants to have to ability to accept them in their stores and online. Visa merchant services and MasterCard merchant services are some of our most valuable services we offer to our customers and clients.

Visa Merchant Services

Visa has been one the largest names in the credit card processing industry for years. In 2013, Visa credit cards were used to make more than 22% of purchases worldwide, second only to the Visa Debit card which processed more than 38% of the worldwide purchases. These numbers are even higher in the United States where Visa’s debit card is the most popular payment method.

Since Visa controls such a large percentage of the industry’s market it is crucial that your business is capable of processing their card brands. If you don’t then you are missing out on the majority of potential customers.

MasterCard Merchant Services

While MasterCard does not control as much of the industry as Visa, it is still the second most popular credit and debit card provider. MasterCard’s credit card controlled more than 14% in 2013 while their debit cards made up over 12%. Adding MasterCard merchant services to your business could help your company reach even more customers.

Why Accept Visa and MasterCard?

Why accept Visa and Mastercard? Because together they combined for more than 75% of the credit and debit card industries in 2013. When two companies have that kind of control in a market, everyone will accept their services. If you are one of the few companies that don’t accept these two, then you are missing out on business opportunities that your competition is surely taking advantage of.

CardPRO Systems, Inc. Services

Here at CardPRO Systems, Inc. in Ogden, UT we offer both Visa merchant services and MasterCard merchant services to our customers because these are the biggest names in the merchant processing services industry. If you are not accepting these brands at your place of business don’t worry, we can help you get a new processor set up for you that will. If you are already offering these services, take a look at our low rates and compare them to your current credit card processor, we guarantee it is at least worth a look.

We are also happy to help any business in need, particularly those in the greater Ogden, Clearfield, Layton, Farmington, and Bountiful, Utah area.

If you are have any questions about Visa and MasterCard merchant services or any of our other Merchant Processing Services, you can contact our Ogden, UT office here or give us a call at 844-385-2273 and get started today!