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What to Look for in a Credit Card Processor | Ogden, UT

What to Look for in a Credit Card Processor


There are countless credit card processing companies out there that say they will offer you the best solution to your credit card processing needs, but not all of them can offer you the lowest rates. Whether you are switching processors or starting a new business there are a number of variables you need to look for before you make your decision. Here are five of the best questions every credit card processor should answer before you make your decision:

  • What Services are Provided? – While most credit card processors offer similar services, not all of them are the same. Online payment processing and mobile payment options are definitely something every business needs in the age of technology. Accepting cash only will hurt your business in a world of plastic where your competitors are accepting credit and debit cards and offering digital sales services.
  • Are there any Cancellation Fees? – While CardPRO Systems, Inc. does not have any early termination or cancellation fees, many of our competitors do, and they are not cheap. Some can range as high as $500 or more. If your credit card processor is not fulfilling your needs and you have to pay a hefty fee to cancel their services, then you are in a sticky situation. Before making a decision, be sure to look into their cancellation policy.
  • How High are the Transaction Rates? – When a customer makes a purchase using a credit card a fee is imposed by both the issuing bank (the customer’s credit card provider) and the acquiring bank (the merchant’s credit card processor). The acquiring bank is the only fee the merchant has any control over and it is obviously in the best interest of the merchant to get the lowest rate possible. After all, the merchant is the one being paid for the services.
  • Are there any Hidden Fees? – It is crucial for the merchant to choose the most honest credit card processor possible. This means finding out if there are any hidden fees that will be charged by the processor down the road. Just as is the case with transaction rates, hidden fees will take money out of the merchant’s pocket for no other reason than providing an automated service.
  • What is the Quality of their Customer Service? – Customer service plays a key role in any business and credit card processors are no different. Because the merchant processing service industry is so complex, high quality customer service is important to help merchants if there is a problem with their system or if they have any questions regarding their credit card processors.

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