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Merchant Processing Explained

You’ve seen our website and explored our services, but you may not be aware of everything you should know when it comes to merchant processing. Fortunately, CardPRO Systems is here to fill you in.

Who We Are

We are a credit card processing company, providing any business with the processing solutions you need to make accepting credit cards a breeze. We offer programs that are specifically suited to your business needs and budget. No matter what kind of business you run, CardPRO will provide you with a solution that is fast, simple, safe, and secure!

What is a Merchant Account

Designed to allow businesses to accept payments from credit and debit cards, merchant accounts are established between an acceptor and the merchant’s acquiring bank. In many cases, a payment processor is included in the merchant agreement—that’s where we come in. Once merchant enters an agreement, they are required to abide by the operating regulations set by the card associations, such as MasterCard and American Express.

With merchant accounts come a variety of fees. Some fees are periodic while others are charged on a per-item basis. Interchange fees, set by Visa, Discover, or MasterCard make up a majority of these fees and vary depending on the card type and transaction. With CardPRO Systems, you’ll be aware of all your fees as we take the guesswork out of merchant services.

Credit Card Processing

Deciding on a credit card processor that’s right for your business can be a difficult task, but is very important in owning a business. Credit card processors are first in line when it comes to processing a payment. Once a card is swiped or used, the information is sent to us before we relay that information to the card association. As cardholder information is passed through multiple parties in the payment process, the security of data is very important. That’s why CardPRO Systems provides everything you need for safe and secure transactions!

Choose Us For Your Merchant Service Needs

Here at CardPRO Systems, we accept all payment cards and can handle all of your gift card and loyalty program needs. Offering data security and PCI-compliant equipment, we provide our clients with a fast and simple way to accept payments without complications. We have informed industry experts with the experience to address your concerns with ease and accuracy. Making an online account is a breeze so you can start accepting payments tomorrow!

Contact us today to get started with our merchant services and credit card processing. We don’t charge startup fees or require contracts!