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A Growing Trend: Restaurant’s Tableside POS Systems

You may have noticed a surprising trend in many restaurants across the country the past few years. They are switching over to a tableside point of sale (POS) system. While some customers were initially concerned about whether or not these systems would impact the quality of service, many have taken notice to the convenience they offer.

As more restaurants begin to catch on with the trend and transition to this modern system, the benefits of these POS systems will only continue to grow.

Here at CardPRO Systems, we strive to educate our clients and customers on the latest trends in the credit card processing industry. While many of our competitors hide this valuable information, we aim to be as transparent as possible. To better this goal, let our experts explain why these new tableside POS systems are catching on.

Speed and Convenience

Tabletop POS systems have had some far-reaching benefits for both customers and employees alike. No one enjoys waiting for a server to make their rounds across the restaurant before taking drink orders. With these relatively new POS systems, this is no longer an issue. As a customer, you can use the tableside system to place your drink, food, and dessert orders without having to wait.

This has also allowed servers to spend less time bouncing back and forth across the restaurant so they can manage more tables. Restaurants that have been using the tableside system for some time now have also noticed that customers are happier with their service. This is because their server isn’t in a rush to get their latest orders to the kitchen, allowing for more convenient and faster service.

Entertainment and Advertising

Another major advantage of these tableside POS systems in restaurants is the entertainment aspect. Even with the faster service time these systems provide, you still have to wait for your food to cook. While you wait, you can play games on the tableside POS system, which is usually a tablet that is attached to the table.

Obviously, adding an entertainment factor is going to make your customers happy, but it can also help bring in additional revenue. If you charge a dollar or so for a customer to rent one of these games, you are bringing additional revenue to your restaurant.

Additionally, during this wait, your customers can get on the tableside POS system and look at your dessert menu or drink options. This is free advertising! You can even advertise upcoming seasonal menu items in the system which could bring in returning customers at a future date.

CardPRO Merchant Services

As you can see, the restaurant POS systems have gone through a radical change in the past few years. If your restaurant or small business is in need of an upgrade, or if you are simply considering looking for a more affordable credit card processor, CardPRO Systems in here to help. You can contact us here or call us at 844.385.2273 to learn more about our merchant friendly rates.