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Payment Processing for Ecommerce Businesses

Since the late 1990’s, e-commerce businesses have been flourishing., eBay, and many other online retailers have paved the path for other e-commerce businesses to follow suit. Now, it is even possible for a small local business to be operated entirely from the world wide web. One obstacle stands in the way for many businesses, however: e-commerce payment processing.

Here at CardPRO Systems, we strive to provide our clients with the merchant services they need to grow their business. With e-commerce businesses being the way of the future, we thought we would educate our clients on the best practices for e-commerce businesses and their payment processing options.

Recommended Services

Obviously, the single most important merchant service for e-commerce businesses is online transaction processing. Online transactions have skyrocketed in recent years as technology has grown more user-friendly. Smaller businesses are not to be outdone by the big boys, however.

With the right payment processor, you will be able to accept online transactions and many other forms of payment to help grow your company. Providing your customers with a sense of security is essential to a good user experience. This is something a good payment processor can provide you with.

Of course, e-commerce businesses will utilize online transaction payments, but there are other merchant services that can strengthen a company like this. Gift card programs are popular among e-commerce businesses., for example, has been able to utilize closed loop gifts to their benefit.

Accept as Many Payment Options as Possible

In regards to online transactions, it is important to give your customers as many payment options as you can. And there are a lot. Obviously, credit card payments are one of the most preferred methods of shopping, especially online, but there are so many different credit cards. Accepting all of them would be a waste of time and money.

The most popular credit cards should be accepted, however. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are some of the most popular credit card types. Accepting these will open up new windows for revenue.

Additionally, there a number of online services you can add to your payment options. Some of these services are:
Google Wallet
Apple Wallet

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Running a business can be a difficult task, but with the right payment processor and merchant services provider, your e-commerce business can operate smoothly. If you are interested in any of the merchant services offered by CardPRO Systems, you can contact us here or give our Ogden, Utah office a call at 844.385.2273 to learn more.